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Find Peace Through Mediation

Use Mediation to Bring Peace of Mind Back to Your Life


How does mediation benefit you?


 Mediation Route
  • SAVE THOUSANDS over litigation
  • Get resolution FASTER
  • Have direct and real input in the outcome
  • Easier to live with the outcome when you played a large role in it
  • Avoid/lessen the conflict that comes with a trial
  • Avoid being forced to say cruel and hurtful things in Court
  • Finding a SOLUTION is the goal
 Traditional Litigation Route
  • A full blown trial can be VERY costly
  • Trial dates can be months away
  • You have NO real input in the outcome of a trial
  • Harder to live with a decision that is forced upon you by a Judge
  • Forced to bring up negative things about the other side
  • Emotional damage can last for years
  • Adversarial by nature 
  • WINNING is the goal
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